Discover Our Neighborhoods: A Pioneering Cannabis Dispensary Experience

Step into the world of Cannabis 21 Plus, and embark on a journey that brings together a sense of community, wellness and revolutionised shopping experiences for all things cannabis. Nestled in the heart of the locations throughout California, our dispensaries perfectly encapsulate the essence of their burgeoning neighborhoods. For newcomers and those familiar with the region, we encourage exploring beyond our doors, because there’s more to our locations than meets the eye.

In the iconic streets of San Diego lies our first dispensary. Known for its vibrant scene, San Diego is home to cutting-edge technology and lively nightlife, but also to serene beaches and historical sites. Next to the famous Sorrento Valley, our Cannabis 21 Plus branch stand as symbols of the region’s progressive vibe.

Further north, Ukiah reveals an organic, unspoilt beauty that mirrors the nature of our products. From breathtaking state parks to wineries, this small city offers splendid views that add to your holistic Cannabis 21 Plus experience.

Our journey continues east in the heart of the Coachella Valley. Palm Desert’s love for open-air activities and art form the backdrop to our dispensary, located in the city’s bustling shopping district, adding an invigorating touch to your Cannabis 21 Plus expedition.

Nearby, Riverside’s charm is reflected in its historical monuments and lush landscapes. And Hemet, with its fusion of art, culture, and an abundance of outdoor activities, is a perfect setting to explore, and later, relax with our range of products.

No matter where you are in California, Cannabis 21 Plus aims to encapsulate each city’s unique charm. From San Diego to Hemet, we hope to not only enrich your cannabis shopping experience but also to highlight the beauty of our surrounding landscapes. Visit our various dispensaries and unravel the charm of these unique Californian cities. Discover the essence of our neighborhood within our doors. Explore Cannabis 21 Plus, and experience the best of our communities.