Experience the Best of Kittery at East Coast Cannabis Outpost

Welcome, dear friends, to Kittery’s most loved spot, East Coast Cannabis Outpost – a unique blend of extraordinary experiences. Contrary to its name, East Coast Cannabis also holds the title of the beloved beer store in town. And rightfully so, with a vast selection of both local and international brews available.

Far More Than Your Traditional Beer Store

You see, when you walk through our doors, you are guaranteed to find more than just a ‘beer store.’ We pride ourselves in creating a whole and beautiful experience – a place where you enjoy not only the flavorful beers but also the warmth of friendly local chats. Yes, our outpost is a hub for community connection.

Join Us in Kittery for a Unique Experience

So, if you’re ever in Kittery, ME, come join the fun at East Coast Cannabis Outpost. Pick your favorite brew, discover new delights, and enjoy the cozy, community atmosphere. Make sure to visit our website for more information and related topics. We’re eager to welcome you!