California’s High Time: A Tongue-in-Cheek Chronicle

Never has the sunny state of California been greener! Welcome to the marijuana revolution courtesy of businesses like yours truly, delivering smiles, one joint at a time.

Rocky Road to High Times

Remember the time when you had to sneak around for a hit? Those surreptitious deals are a thing of the past. Prop 64 has seen to it that you can now walk into a store and legally buy your own stash of cloud 9.

No More “Oregano” Days

Talk about being in the right state at the right time. We’ve long bid farewell to the days of passing off oregano as “premium-grade stuff”. Now, you have access to top-shelf Cannabis products that actually deliver what they promise.

Goodbye Munchie Guilt

Remember the last time you felt guilty about that 3 AM pizza delivery? With Cannabis 21 Plus, it’s only happiness on tap, minus the side dish of guilt. Welcome to California’s cannabis culture, making life sweeter, one toke at a time!