Exploring Fun Activities Near New Standard’s Cannabis Provisioning Centers

When you visit New Standard’s Cannabis Provisioning Centers, you’re in for more than just a typical shopping experience. Our locations are situated in thriving communities, rich with vibrant cultures, breath-taking sceneries, and a plethora of activities offering fun moments to remember.

Detroit’s Hidden Gems

For instance, our center in Detroit is nestled amongst various intriguing allurements. Known as the Motor City, Detroit is teeming with history and art just waiting to be discovered. After a trip to our store, you can explore the Detroit Institute of Arts. Here, you immerse yourself in the works of renowned artists, spanning time and various geographical locations. Check out their website to plan your visit.

Ann Arbor’s Scenic Appeal

In the heart of Ann Arbor, another one of our centers offers you access to Michigan’s mesmerizing landscape. Consider spending some time at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum after a visit to our center. With facilities spreading over acres of land, the natural beauty provides a peaceful retreat from the city’s bustle. Visit this link for further details.

Alternatively, Ann Arbor’s captivating downtown blends historic charm with modern influences. The State Street district is calling, filled with a variety of shopping outlets, restaurants, and local businesses providing unique entertainment options.

Renowned breweries close to Hazel Park

For libation lovers, our Hazel Park location offers proximity to some renowned breweries. No trip to Hazel Park is complete without a visit to Joebar or Cellerman’s, where you can enjoy pints of crafted beer and delectable meals in a welcoming ambiance. Refer to their site for more.

After indulging in a pint or two, consider a leisurely stroll at Hazel Park’s Green Acres Park. It’s an oasis of greenery, with walking and cycling trails, playgrounds, and even a fishing pond!

You can take a lot more from your visits to New Standard’s Cannabis Provisioning Centers than just our products. So why not make a day of it and discover the exciting surroundings in proximity!