Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Variable Voltage Mod Kit



Product Description

Presenting the outstanding Innokin itaste MVP3.0 Pro Variable Voltage Mod Kit. A must have for anyone serious about vaping and is looking for the all in one, or for those new to the vaping world and want an easy to use, reliable, professional product with minimum maintenance. The mod kit may be available as an express model (with no tank) or the starter kit inclusive of the iSubG.

The itaste MVP0.30 is one of the most diverse and powerful in the market, with range of 6 to 60 Watts, further accompanied by a user-defined variable voltage from 3V to 9V, accurate to 0.5W, and a maximum output above 17.5 Ampage. The coils function from a minimum of 0.2 Ohm ranging up to 3.1 Ohm. An effective maximum connectivity is achieved by the high quality flush 510 stainless steel and a long lasting, integrated 4500mAh battery is well suited to catering with the higher voltage. The micro USB cable is also built in to the product and pulls out, a fantastic new edition to the model.

Each product has a unique, easily accessible ID to prove official product authentication, ensuring every customer receives a high quality piece of equipment they know they can rely on. Alongside this, the device includes a threading and spring loaded gold plated positive connector, a high quality ego adapter and total tank compatibility with all major standard 510/ Eco ecig/ vaporiser tank systems. The LCD screen shows the duration of button press, wattage, voltage, number of presses, and resistance of coil, and may be reversed left or right depending on the user’s preferred hand.

The product is available in five sleek finishes: silver, black, pink, blue and gold; offering a wide spectrum to satisfy the consumer and allow them to choose a colour which matches their vaping kit to their personality. This Innokin product makes use of the ‘Vape while you Charge’ feature, accessible with a standard Micro USB cable, meaning users are never left waiting around and can vape on the move.

The Innokin itaste MVP3.0 Pro Variable Voltage Mod Kit accumlates a professional design, effective vape system and numerous user friendly features into one outstanding product.

Features of Innokin iTaste MVP3.0 Pro include:

  • -Battery indicator
  • Long lasting 4500mAh battery
  • Intelligent vape timer
  • Puff counter
  • Integrated short circuit protection
  • Right/ left screen orientation suitability
  • 15 second timer cutoff
  • Diverse range of sleek colour finishes: Silver, Black, Pink, Blue, Gold
  • Easy to use 3 button technology
  • ‘Vape while you Charge’ technology

Vape Kit Contents

  • MVP mod unit
  • Charging cable
  • Coil 0.5ohm
  • iSubG tank (with starter kit)
  • Instruction manual

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