Vaping Tricks – 10 impressive acts to perform while vaping

Vaping Tricks - 10 impressive acts to perform while vaping

As you know vaping is a great alternative to smoking, but what you might not know is you can also perform some impressive tricks with your new vape kit or vape mod right out the box!

For best performance results we recommend a vape juice mix of 80/20 or max Vg. In this post we have collected our favourite vaping trick videos, so please check it out and leave your comments below.

1. Wizards of Vape- Amazing Rings & Smoke Tricks

The art of blowing vape rings, see how it’s done:

2. Jelly Fish Vape Trick

This effect creates a stream of vapor following the head, heres a quick guide:

3. Vape Tricks & Vape Clouds Compilation

An easy vape trick for beginners is blowing huge clouds of vapour, see how it’s done:

4. Vape Dragon Trick

Create a real dragon effect by exhaling out your nose and mouth at the same time, here’s a quick tutorial:

5. The Waterfall

Ever wanted to turn your vape into a magic potion and pour it over a table? Well here’s how:

6. Vape Tornado Trick

Learn how to turn your vapour into a spinning tornado:

7. Vape Bending & Bend O’s

Once you have mastered the vape O’s trick learn how to bend:

8. Shap Shooting O’s

A cool kid shows how to sharpshoot with O’s:

9. The Banes Vaping Trick

Not for beginners this advanced method of breathing out and enhaling through the nose to create a gap with your teeth is known as the Banes trick:

10. Covert Vaping

If you need to vape in a restricted public area then this undercover home made vaping trick will keep things under wrap: